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Dr. Steve’s 6-Part Video Masterclass Teaching The Targeted Spinal Release Method.

Back Pain Breakthrough is Dr. Steve’s world-famous program…

Giving you step-by-step instructions to get INSTANT relief from back pain and sciatica…

And to completely eliminate your pain in 30 days or less.

Hands down, simplest and easiest to follow back pain program ever created!

Inside Back Pain Breakthrough, Dr. Steve holds nothing back…

Sharing the exact same information with you that he normally reserves for his high-paying clients…

Who travel from all over the East Coast to come and visit him in his Philadelphia clinic.

This incredibly simple and easy-to-follow guide…

Contains everything you need to treat back pain from the comfort of your own home.

Without chiropractors, doctors, injections, pills or surgery.

The Back Pain Breakthrough
The Back Pain Breakthrough

Which is why this is the #1 program for anyone suffering from back pain.

So let me show you everything you get when you join Back Pain Breakthrough today.

The first part of the program is the Back Pain Breakthrough: 6-Part Video Masterclass…

… Where you’ll discover exactly how to treat your back pain…

And be 100% pain-free within 30 days or less.

Remember, this video presentation is like having Dr. Steve in your own home…

As he walks you through everything you need to do to treat your back pain.

Inside this video masterclass, you’ll discover:

Exactly how to use Targeted Spinal Release, completed with detailed and step-by-step instructions. You’ll learn how to perform each movement, what time of day you should use the movements and how long you should hold each movement for… All clearly explained so you have ZERO GUESSWORK.

You’ll get a live demonstration of Targeted Spinal Release as Dr. Steve brought in Marie from his team and coaches her through the method live on camera. It’s like having Dr. Steve there with you, walking you through every step of the journey.

You’ll discover ONE simple stretch you can use every morning to realign your spine and instantly eliminate back pain. This will become a key part of your morning routine in no time.

You’ll discover one easy tweak to make to your office chair… Which will keep your back as strong as an ox at work. This is the best way to prevent your pain flaring up while you’re sitting over your computer (and the best part is no one will even notice you’re doing it!)

You’ll discover the Back-Pain Extinguisher – An additional technique you can use any time pain comes back. Which will relieve the pressure on your spinal nerve and provide INSTANT pain-relief.

And finally, you’ll discover the Sciatica Soother – A simple 30-second movement which provides long-lasting relief from sciatic pain. If you’re suffering from sciatica, this movement will soon become your best friend.

As I’ve said, this program contains everything you need to realign your spine…

Release tight muscles and get and STAY pain-free.

The video masterclass is short and sweet, running for just over an hour…

Allowing you to get started treating your pain as fast as possible.

And I almost forgot to mention the best part!

Dr. Steve has made Back Pain Breakthrough available as a digital download.

This means that immediately after you secure your spot in the program…

You can watch the video masterclass online.

This is awesome as it means you don’t have to wait 3-5 days for it to arrive in the mail.

Instead, you get INSTANT access…

And can get started with the program immediately!

And begin reducing your pain just moments from now.

That said, you might prefer to read than watch a video.

Which is why Dr. Steve went to enormous effort to create a special bonus ebook called…

Targeted Spinal Release: The Manual

Targeted Spinal Release: The Manual

Targeted Spinal Release: The ManualWhere you’ll discover the world’s most effective method for eliminating back pain.

This manual contains all the same information as the video masterclass.

But it also includes a number of bonus strategies to help you get pain-free even faster.

For example, you’ll discover:

One additional stretch you can use in the morning to stop pain dead in its tracks, removes pressure from your spine and will make you feel 10 years younger.

You’ll discover the #1 technique to help you extend your spine before falling asleep, so you can fall asleep in seconds. (If your back pain has been causing insomnia, this will be one of the most important movements you ever learn).

You’ll discover Dr. Steve’s simple “bracing” strategy. This strategy is something you should use anytime you’re changing positions, going from standing to sitting, getting out of bed in the morning or picking anything up… So you can protect your spine from damage during sudden movements. Many users say that this strategy alone helps them to get and STAY pain-free.

Plus, Dr. Steve will teach you the Targeted Spinal Release method using step-by-step instructions… And he’s included lots of detailed pictures for every step. This way, you’ll know exactly how to perform the method to get pain-free as fast as possible.

As you can see, this is the highest quality back-pain product on the market today…

And we’re still not done!

As Dr. Steve has one other bonus protocol he’d like to share with you.

It’s called…

Accelerated Healing Techniques

Accelerated Healing Techniques
Accelerated Healing Techniques

Inside this cutting-edge guide, you’ll discover how to CUSTOMIZE your back pain breakthrough to your body…

All from the comfort of your own home.

You see, while Targeted Spinal Release works for 100% of the people who use it…

Some of Dr. Steve’s patients want to know what else they can do for even faster results.

This is where Accelerated Healing Techniques comes in.

Inside this bonus protocol, you’ll discover the simple way to CUSTOMIZE Targeted Spinal Release…

To the specific cause of YOUR pain.

For example…

If you sit in an office chair a lot…

Or you’re staring at a computer for 8 hours a day…

Or you have to bend over and pick up a lot of heavy objects…

Dr. Steve will provide you with additional guidance to prevent your back pain from returning!

The good news is that Dr. Steve explains how to do this in a way that’s so simple…

Anyone can quickly understand it.

But that’s not all.

Inside the Accelerated Healing Techniques, you’ll also discover…

Dr. Steve’s most effective and closely guarded secrets for getting out of back-pain as fast as humanly possible.

You’ll discover to heal your body from the consequences of taking pain medication, helping your gut to recover and treating the inflammation that’s built in your body as a result of taking these pills.

You’ll discover the One Inch Fix – small tweaks to your posture which switch on inactive muscles and keep your lumbar spine in perfect alignment (Mastering this ensures you won’t just get pain-free. It makes sure you’ll stay pain-free for the rest of your life!)

And finally, you’ll discover Dr. Steve’s secret anti-aging and anti-inflammation solution you can make at home and drink daily (hint: the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen).

Finally, A Proven Method To Get & Stay Pain Free!

So, now that you’ve gotten a peak behind the curtain…

I think you can see just how valuable this system is.

Why this is the best back pain solution on the market today.

But don’t take my word from it.

Listen to what actual Back Pain Breakthrough clients had to say after using the program. Click here >>

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