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What will you find in this course?

* This Building energy Management System (BMS) course is very useful for anybody who is interested in understanding and learning this system from a zero level till its full practical knowledge.

* More than 47 professional high-quality lectures, which will let you have full knowledge of this system.

* This course is for all engineers and technicians, either you are working as a contractor or a consultant.

* In this course, you will know the importance of the Building Management System (BMS) in different projects.

* Also, you will know The different protocols which are being used in the BMS system and how the different parts of the BMS are communicating with each other.

* In this course, you will know the hierarchy of the BMS system and how each level will be connected with the other level.

* The different types of switches, sensors, and field devices are being used with the different MEP equipment in the project like ( AHU, Exhaust Fans, Pumps, Fire alarm panel, Electrical panels…..).

* The connection between the BMS panel with the VFD and Lighting control panel.

* Practical videos from our project to explain the different components of the BMS panel.

* Practical video from inside the workstation room of the BMS system.

* Many other practical videos you will discover while learning this course.

* Remember: The course is full of practical photos, graphics, and videos.

* You will have many downloadable files for the Building management system.

* After this course, you will be ready to work as a BMS engineer, or, you can work as a BMS operator. And you can lead the BMS technicians on-site.

* More and more you will discover in this course.

Course Content

01. Introduction

01. Importance of the BMS system

02. Contents of the course

03. Introduction two to the BMS system

02. BMS Lower Level

04. Overview of the field devices of the BMS system

05. Field level – Part 01

06. Duct Temperature Sensor Practical Explanation

07. Field level – Part 02

08. Field level – Part 03

09. Differential Pressure Switch – Practical Explanation

10. Field level – Part 04

11. Differential Pressure Switch for Liquids (DPSL) – Practical Explanation

12. Field level – Part 05

13. Duct Humidity Temperature Sensor – Practical Explanation

14. Field level – Part 06

15. Field level – Part 07

16. Field level – Part 08

17. Field level – Part 09

18. Rotary damper actuator modulating type – Practical explanation On-Site

19. Field level – Part 10

20. Field level – Part 11

22. Linear Valve Actuator for 2 & 3 Way Valves – Practical Explanation

03. BMS Middle Level

23. Automation level – Part 01

24. Automation level – Part 02

25. Automation level – Part 03

26. Automation level – Part 04

27. Automation level – Part 05

28. Automation level – Part 06

29. Automation level – Part 07

30. Automation level – Part 08

31. Automation level – Part 09

32. Management level

04. BMS Top Level

33. Cables of the BMS system – Part 01

05. Cabling of the BMS system

34. Cables of the BMS system – Part 02

35. VAV Practical components – Part 01

06. VAV “variable Air Volume” practical components & installations on Site

36. VAV Practical components – Part 02

37. Thermostat and temperature sensor of the VAV

38. BMS protocols

07. BMS Protocols

39. BMS panel components

08. Practical explanation for the components of a BMS panel

40. Practical Explanation for BMS panel with complete components (Controllers & Modules)

41. Practical Explanation for a BMS system includes Only VAV controller IQ4NC

42. Practical Explanation for MCC panel includes VFDs which will be connected to the BMS system – Part 01

43. Practical Explanation for MCC panel includes VFDs which will be connected to the BMS system – Part 02

44. Practical Graphics explanation

09. BMS Graphics

45. Practical graphics for the BMS system

46. Most important Drawings & Documents of the BMS system – Part 1

10. Most important Drawings & Documents of the BMS system

47. Drawings & Documents Part 2 – Sequence Of Operation ( SOP )

48. MEP systems controlled & Monitored by the BMS system

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