How To Stop Bullying In Schools – A Useful Guide For Parents

If you’re worried or aware that your child is being bullied, tormented, abused or otherwise threatened, and you don’t know the best plan of action, then this letter will be very important to you.

Bullying In Schools is a practical guide for parents. It covers the things that teachers alone can’t always help with.

According to many teachers, a parent’s intervention and help is the real key to solving bullying issues, and this guide will show you how.

I created it because It distresses me to hear from other parents who are going through the same torment, heartbreak and worry that myself and my son James went through during his primary school years.

And considering that nearly 90% of children are bullied at some point of their school life, I knew that I could help a LOT of families get through this.

And as a result, you can prevent any lasting emotional, educational or social damage that would otherwise occur from this bullying of your child.

Let me explain what’s inside…

Understanding bullying… what causes it, where it happens, and why the bullied can become the bully

The 3 major areas of bullying, so you can recognise it when you see or hear it

How to approach your child and discover what’s really going on

How to approach the school and teachers without them shrugging you off

3 step plan to take when YOUR child already is – or becomes – the bully

Teachers that provoke bullying (or do it indirectly)… how to find out if this is happening to your child, and exactly how to put an end to it

Should you change schools? 3 things to consider before you do

4 steps to combating internet bullying (possibly the most undetected but most widescale form of bullying your child will encounter)

How to reduce stress, restore self esteem, build confidence and bring joy back into to your child’s life… before it’s too late

A better life today, and tomorrow…

There are three major benefits to purchasing this guide. It will…

1- Teach your child important lessons about self control, confidence and protection

2- Prevent your child from lasting emotional or physical damage

3- Stop the late night worry from a situation that could – and often does – spiral rapidly out of control

70% of children are bullied in the playground, where teachers cannot detect the bullying very easily.physical bullying Although you can’t stop bullying from ever happening, you can identify it and put a stop to it immediately.

But to do this, you need the right strategy. That includes the recognition stages, the fact finding, the teacher/school approach and the detailed after care that your child needs.

This guide provides you with all of these things, so that you can be peacefully assured that your child will be safe, protected and free to grow and develop into a healthy and successful adult.

Everything in this guide is based on solid research, backed with my personal experiences that I learned along the way, as a fellow parent in your current situation.

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