Machine Self improvement

The Proven Solution That Makes Self Improvement Easy

A step-by-step system that teaches you how to…

Set your self-improvement goals on auto-pilot

Get rapid results

Sustain momentum

Use your life circumstances to your every advantage

Transform into a new person.

When you grab your copy of Machine Self-Improvement you’ll discover:

How to manifest new knowledge into your life IMMEDIATELY

The Innovative Technique of “Goal Stacking”

Using locations to optimize efforts

“Integration” and “Automation”

Pivots that transform mundane tasks into ripe self-improvement opportunities

Upgrading with similar alternatives that boost your lifestyle exponentially

Practical, real-life examples

How to do self-improvement at WORK

As you get into the more advanced stuff you’ll learn:

The power of “randomness”…

Transform draining tasks into captivating moments…

Why you’ve failed at self-improvement in the past, and never make the same mistakes again…

Self-improvement micro-environments…

The power of organic goals…

You’ll get Real-life Examples, Templates, and Easy Action Steps:

How to create a project at work tailored toward your personal ambitions ( Cost: $5 )

Learn public-speaking without joining toastmasters ( Cost: $7 )

Lose or gain weight the RIGHT way ( Cost: $11 )

Get better with people, anywhere, anytime ( Cost: $7 )

Advance your business knowledge at any moment ( Cost: $9 )

Develop leadership skills on your weekend outings and activities ( Cost: $15 )

Kickstart your artistic ability through your social life ( Cost: $15 )

Work on every single one of your goals within a single event ( Cost: $10 )

Which goals to focus on, WHEN, HOW, WHERE, and WHY ( Cost: $10 )

Create ample opportunities for social and leadership development ( Cost: $7 )

Gain results that not only last, but keep growing when you’re not even trying ( Cost: $20 )

Automate every part of this system so that it fits snugly into your already-busy schedule ( Cost: $15 )

Enrich your life and inject fresh excitement ( Cost: $8 )

Accrue small changes that compound over time (similar to interest on a stock investment) ( Cost: $16 )

Balance multiple goals at once (you won’t even have to remember all of your goals; they’ll just be working for you!) ( Cost: $7 )​

Capitalize on everyday moments ( Cost: $7 )


Yes, I’m offering this entire course for just

TODAY: $ 17

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