Stronger Bones Solution | Build Stronger Bones and Lead An Active Life

Stronger Bones Solution | Build Stronger Bones and Lead An Active Life

Does any of this sound familiar?

You feel stressed and overwhelmed with where to start with osteopenia or osteoporosis. You don’t know whom to believe: the books, the doctors, social media, Google, or your own intuition.

You just don’t want to make the wrong decision or choose the wrong approach for your bones.

You are NOT confident in the plan you’ve pieced together on your own. You think you’re missing important pieces.

You want to give your bones what they need to become stronger, but you don’t know what to eat and what to avoid, or what supplements to take, how much, and how often.

You are performing the wrong exercises that could lead to injury or fracture.

You are fearing your favorite activities and sitting on life’s sidelines to be “safe” and avoid injury.

You are letting progress be determined only by doctors, DEXA scans, and bone medications, but deep down you know that there is more to bone health than that.

And you may be trying to figure out the WHAT and the WHY of your osteoporosis while managing or navigating other health challenges, like gut health issues or autoimmune disease.

OR you thought you were doing everything right: eating healthy foods, taking your vitamins, exercising, and maybe even looking younger than your age… But still found out you had osteopenia or osteoporosis.

And here’s specifically how our 3-step process will help you…


In Step 1, you will:

Uncover hidden health conditions and stressors that are negatively impacting your bone health.

Get crystal-clear about which labs you need to get done to reveal the full picture of what’s going on inside your body and contributing to bone loss and poor health.

Become empowered to communicate with your doctor effectively, so that you can get your doctor to say ‘Yes’! to the tests and treatments you are requesting. Be the CEO of your health, not a passenger in your healthcare.

Learn what your lab test results actually mean, so that you understand the “why” behind your bone loss and health issues… and know what needs to be done to address them. Stop settling for “it’s normal.”

Get thoroughly informed (in a really simple way) how bone building and bone loss actually work, so that you know the exact, science-based reasons for everything you’re incorporating into your plan for stronger bones.


In Step 2, you will:

Understand how to eat and nourish your body the right way while avoiding obsessing over things that don’t matter

Understand which dietary approach is sustainable, enjoyable, and right for your lifestyle and health conditions

Discover new ways to make bone-healthy food taste delicious for you and your whole family

Get crystal-clear on key nutrients you need and how to supplement to fill in the gaps for maximum benefit

Learn how to improve digestion, gut health and absorption, so that your body has all the right nutrients for building stronger bones. We can’t rebuild something that’s not there, right?!

Step 3: BUILD

In Step 3, you will:

Learn the foundational principles of safe exercise, so that you know exactly how to move (and what common movements to avoid!) to keep your bones protected… even with pain, arthritis, and other conditions.

Master exercises that are known to build bone, so that you are only spending your precious time and energy on things that work

Build stronger muscles, enhance your balance, and improve your core strength to serve as ‘insurance’ against fracture

Develop resilience to stress, so that you avoid flooding your body with bone-damaging stress hormones

Improve your sleep, to give your body enough quality opportunities to repair


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